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Mrs QUERE, I wanted to thank you personally for these exchanges. Your journey and philosophy are equally admirable. Thank you for your humanity and your look on the environment surrounding us.

Kind regards.

Glenn Murray G.M.OIL

Dear Odile for more than 16 years, CATS has been a second home for me, in which I have felt welcome and almost part of your business ! The professionalism of your team combined with a personal touch has always supported me, even during the most difficult period of my career. From a personal point of view, your contagious laughter and unwavering optimism have been a blessing and it will be difficult to envisage life after CATS. I will never be able to thank you enough for the support and help you and your team have offered me and I have no doubt that CATS will always progress.

Warm Greetings,

Mary Graham Stiny (Nuage Sarl)

I'm writing this letter to Odile, Sophie and the CATS team. For a long time I have believed that it is important to recognize a company that has provided me with exceptional services. With all the difficulties one meets during life, it is necessary to be able to work in a professional atmosphere, but, almost more importantly, to show kindness, respect and well-being. CATS provided me with these services. I have been a resident in Monaco for more than 13 years and manager of a small business, I have learned to measure my confidence, learned who is ethical and who deserves to be recognized. In some cases, I learned it at my own expense. I believe it is important to raise awareness among other CATS users, so that their career path goes as well. Working with an honest and ethical company puts you in touch with other related services (accountants, legal advisers, banks, etc.) all equally honorable and working together to develop particular business standards. This helps to head towards the difficult road to success. Thanks to CATS for facilitating my professional life in Monaco ! You deserve recognition for being an outstanding company in all respects.

Warm Regards.

« Coaching by » Gaelle Bergéal

I was lucky enough to meet Mrs Odile Quere a year ago. Her very warm welcome immediately seduced me. I was sensitive to her dynamism and the very welcoming and serene atmosphere of her center where I was guided and accompanied during my first steps in Monaco . Cats is much more than a traditional business center. It is a place where one likes to exchange, share, work and laugh. It is a place where harmony reigns among a business incubator. I will always recommend this center to professionals.

Florence Adelhelm-Del Becaro

Dear Odile, I will leave you soon with emotion ; such beautiful years have passed since you welcomed me in your home... You have created a place in your image ; the professionalism of your entire team combined with your signature and your strong footprint make Cats much more than a Business Center. Links, exchanges take place there, emotions flow from it, this is valuable and I simply would like to thank you for all that. My thanks also goes to all your beautiful team that has pampered me and showed flawless availability. I sincerely thank you all and wish you all the best !



For many years I have had offices at Cats, within the carré d’or. The location is ideal and convenient. This is my second home. It is a place where everything is done to feel good, serene and focus on one’s activity. Odile, the founder is a remarkable woman, passionate, sensitive, attentive and who exchanges with others. She gives valuable advice. Her team is adorable, highly available, efficient and responsive. Cats is a place of both happiness and work.