CATS business centers

Tailor-made services


2 relaxation rooms are available to clients
in our two business centers:
Salle Coton – Le Forum
Salle Harmonie – Les Gaumates

Take advantage of these 2 areas of relaxation and rest that allow clients to regularly come to recharge their batteries during their working day. Forget the traditional coffee break, and replace it with a few moments of relaxation or even a highly restorative sleep (20 minutes max). Musical atmosphere with natural sounds or guided relaxation sessions thanks to an audio support to make the most of relaxation…


Offer yourself a break during your working day !

Enjoy a wellness massage or reflexology session
directly in your business center.
By appointment, you will enjoy the benefits of a moment of relaxation ...
A guaranteed pleasure stopover!

Reverse osmosis water

Our centers are equipped with reverse osmosis systems and vortex jugs

Enjoy water purified by a phenomenon of reverse osmosis at will.
This filtration system allows only water molecules to pass through and removes pollutants
(nitrates, pesticide residues, herbicides, lead, aluminum, drug residues and organic materials).
The filtered water is then revitalized and re-oxygenated thanks to the vortex jug
to bring positive energy to the whole organism.

Wellness classes

We offer Yoga, Pilates, Garuda, sound and olfactory meditation
sessions within our business centers with certified teachers ...
For enquiries do not hesitate to ask our team.

Wellness workshops

We regularly offer workshops in our business centers on different topics of well-being.
Check out the programme and feel free to register !

Shower access

For your comfort, our centers are equipped with showers.