• Room solely dedicated to relaxation, in a soothing atmosphere (carpet, light, ergonomic equipment)

  • Wireless audio headphones with audio support guiding your relaxation

  • Schedules adapted to your working day

Relaxation and rest area located in the CATS BUSINESS CENTER, allowing the Center’s clients as well as non-clients to subscribe and recharge their batteries regularly. Forget the traditional coffee break. Replace it with a few moments of relaxation or even a highly restorative sleep (20 minutes max). Musical atmosphere with a background of natural sounds and, if you so chose, audio support with a speaker to guide you through this period of relaxation, so that you get the most out of this interlude…

Come enjoy this experience, here at Cats Business Center:

1 bd Princesse Charlotte – Monaco


Call our Business Center for more information:
+377 99 99 76 76