In the so-called Golden Square of the Principality of Monaco, fitted out offices, personalised services & secretarial office, translation and interpreting in all languages…


Cats EVENTS specialises in creating tailored events in Monaco. Theme private parties, the Monaco Grand Prix with its stunning view terraces, and this year the E-Prix !


Our form conviction is that the success of a business comes with the wellness of its collaborators and the optimism of its managers. We are going to help you !


CATS GROUP is a services company for professionals and businesses. CATS GROUP is your one-to-one partner for all stages of your business, whether it is starting up, developing or expanding, and office rentals.

  • With CATS BUSINESS CENTER you will have available in Monaco a HEAD OFFICE, OFFICES, and SECRETARIAL and TRANSLATION services.
  • With CATS EVENTS, your EVENTS & INCENTIVES, whether INTERNAL or EXTERNAL, will become reality and be enhanced in Monaco
  • With HARMONISENS, be supported in your development with TRAINING, COACHING, TEAM BUILDING and WELLNESS ACTIVITIES dedicated to your business
  • With CATS COMMUNICATION & CROONER Radio Monaco, all communications tools and prestigious media coverage will ensure you are heard in Monaco

CATS GROUP endeavours to develop all these services through wellness and optimism values within the business. Read details >

Exhibition in "le Forum"

Advertising for our Dpt Harmonisens :



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Harmonisens, ‘tailored’ Coaching / Wellness programmes

HARMONISENS is a new business growth philosophy. Our mission is to have managers and their businesses succeed through coaching and wellness. Our vocation is to use this method to strengthen the leadership of the various players in businesses and to increase company benefits.