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Your advertising on Radio CROONER in Monaco

Your advertising on Radio CROONER in Monaco


  • offering your brand directly to favoured listeners
  • being able to formulate a fully customized media plan
  • targeting listeners with very high purchasing power
  • benefitting from new advertising formats
  • capitalising on high editorial added value
  • accessing new below the line offers: taking part in major events (Monaco F1 Grand Prix, CROONER festival, VIP evenings and events etc.), co-branding (CROONER private evenings, web-radio, CROONER in Private events), sponsoring / field marketing (Tour de France Auto, Opération Rolls aux Champs etc.)

Who listens to Crooner in Monaco?

Monegasques, whether resident or passing through, who wish to launch themselves into the world of crooners.
Our first listener surveys tell us that CROONER has become part of the daily routine of the Monegasques (played in yachts, cars, hotels etc.), and since the start of broadcasting in April in Monaco, it seems to be the radio of the “happy few”… among the “happy few”.

And people also listen to Crooner on the Internet and smartphones (, through our many relays (Free, Orange live radio, Windows 8 etc.). So, all Internet users and smartphone owners who wish to, can listen to CROONER wherever they are in the world without the need to be in an area covered by DAB+ or FM.

Finally, male and female customers of many top-end public places (boutiques, restaurants, events etc.) that play our “CROONER in Private” stream also listen to Crooner.

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